Biggest Mistakes Brides Make Whenever Choosing Their Wedding Photographer

1. They don’t really realize how important their photos can be (By not recognizing this, they make incorrect choices in the first place)

Why Your Wedding Photos are The MOST SIGNIFICANT part of your big day (after saying I really do!)

Years from today you can look back on your big day and hopefully have plenty of photos to remind you of not merely what occurred, but also the emotions you might have had. Jos Timmer will capture the occasions, expressions, and circumstances that reveal thoughts and emotions that’ll be triggered for a long time to arrive through photos.

As the years pass it is probably you won’t have your photos to keep in mind. (You might have your dress and perhaps a trinket or two, but probably, even your dress is going to be in a package or covered up someplace in a closet!

Think about this: When confronted with eminent disaster that destroys homes or the chance of such a tragedy, everyone grabs their most prized possessions, which ALWAYS contains their photographs. They don’t really reach for their bridal dress, or frozen cake or actually copies of their wedding invites, they take all their photographs, if they’re lucky and if they are able to.

The reception middle, the cake, the blooms, the bridesmaid’s dresses, everything will be gone!

Fortunately, many of us never have to attempt to save our photos from a flood, fire or hurricane, but after a while we will still treasure them and count them among our most cherished possessions.

Generally, ALL which will be left will end up being your wedding album, filled with the most precious occasions, images of moments, close friends, family members and the irreplaceable thoughts from one of the very most important days you will ever have!